Android Netrunner - Revised Core Set

Android Netrunner - Revised Core Set

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The Revised Core Set is your ticket to the not-too-distant future of Android: Netrunner The Card Game. This is an age of sprawling megacities. Artificially intelligent bioroids and genetically modified clones work alongside cyborgs, g-modded humans, and naturals. Hoppers pass overhead in their skylanes, and in New Angeles, a Space Elevator most commonly known as the "Beanstalk" dwarfs neighboring arcologies and skyscrapers as it reaches beyond the Earth's atmosphere and gravity to serve as a low-cost launch for near-space travel.

With more than 240 cards, the revised core set immerses you in this age and its high-stakes cybercrime.

In this future of monolithic Mega Corps and augmented runners, the all-encompassing Network is both one of humanity's greatest assets-and one of its deadliest battlefields.

Every moment offers new choices, and the revised core set comes with everything two players need to dive deep into this acclaimed living card game!